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Friday, April 5, 2013

About a month ago I loaded the boys in the car and drove 400 miles to visit my parents. Anticipating meltdowns and extreme boredom I armed the car with books, snacks, DVDs and, for the first time, audiobooks for kids. Big Brother Sparrow loved listening to stories while we drove! It was such a hit we've been listening to audiobooks as we drive around town. Currently we are listening to Little Bear by Else Minarik (Little Bear Audio CD Collection: Little Bear, Father Bear Comes Home, Little Bear's Friend, Little Bear's Visit, and A Kiss for Little Bear). 

Papa Sparrow has been living in a pair of Dickies Men's Short Sleeve Coveralls. We knew buying a VW Van would require quite a bit of TLC. He's been hanging out under her hood getting to know her in the hopes that we will be able to do most future maintenance and repairs  ourselves himself. My surfer has turned into a bit of a car-guy. 

Baby Sparrow is enjoying his thrift store version of this cute toy: Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy . In his usual cheerful way he's been scooting around the living room with a big ol' grin. 

Earlier this week Papa Sparrow made a few impulse buys for Mama. She's stoked on her new denim jacket and black skinny jeans. Love being married to a guy that into clothes!

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