Look Who

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Look who had his first day of Preschool Summer Program yesterday:

I know all mothers say this, but SERIOUSLY, 
"Who is this kid and where did my baby go?"

He got to start his day off with the "You Are Special Today" red plate and was given a new Spiderman lunch box. And apparently when I was dropping him off I didn't leave fast enough; after telling Landon good-bye I lingered talking to his teacher for a bit when he turned around and demanded: "GOOD-BYE Mom." 
Sheesh - I guess I know when I'm not wanted. 
A big boy at Big Boy School.

So proud of my little man. 


Jessica G. said...

I can't believe how grown up Landon looks! And doesn't it go by way too fast?!

Chelsea K. said...

Before you even said it, I was looking at this last round of photos and thought to myself, "Wow he's not a little baby anymore--he's such a cute boy!!" Love being able to see your adorable family grow =)

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