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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We've been all over the place lately.

Two weeks ago I had my 4th (!) appointment with the lactation consultant. After 15 months of successful nursing with Landon I assumed things would be easy with Parker. I assumed wrong. We've been struggling through plugged ducts, oversupply issues, gas, latch problems, cracking and scabbing, nerve damage, a partial tongue tie, something called Raynauds Syndrome and mastitis.
The mastitis required a ten day dose of heavy antibiotics for me which also stripped little dude of all his good tummy flora - ie more gas. It's been a tough few weeks to say the least. But I've got him on some new probiotics and we are almost at 3 months of age so I'm hopeful things will get easier. Meanwhile I'm being stripped of my selfishness and independence as I continually cry out to the Lord for more patience, understanding and wisdom. Children lead us straight to the feet of Jesus!

Landon is loving summer camp and preschool (and I'm loving it too!). Every single day I am amazed at how grown up he's getting.

We've also been updating our homestudy for our adoption. I'll have to write a blog post soon with adoption update info. Not to much to report though. We continue to slowly but steadily march onward.

And finally we got a new toy. It's super fun and we are excited about it. I'll share more tomorrow after leaving you with pics of my cuties:


Rebecca said...

Oh Anna! I will be praying for you (again and some more). I remember struggling so much with all the crying when Cora was little and the days were long. These babes are precious but it's easy to grow weary. I still have "He works all things for good" on my chalk board as a reminder from 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

LOL I love the picture of Landon the blur! too good :) Love you sister xoxo
-Auntie April

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