Feathering My Nest

Friday, April 6, 2012

I have the nesting bug really bad this pregnancy. Much more than I did with Landon for whatever reason. I've been organizing, redecorating, and lamenting the fact that I never seem to be able to get my house clean enough (small house + windy town + outside loving boys + low energy Mama = never fully cleaned).

With 35 days of pregnancy left I really feel like I'm nearly done feathering my nest for baby's arrival. The boys' room is nearly done, the diapers purchased, clothes hung, playroom redecorated and almost organized, as well as completing a few other extra projects around the house.

For ages I've wanted to recover the pillows in the living room, but I am fairly clueless when it comes to my sewing machine. Finally, a few months ago on a rainy weekend, I was able to corner my talented husband and request a sewing lesson. I love this man and his many talents. He not only went to the fabric store with me to pick out materials but he also taught me how to sew a pillow cover complete with hidden zipper. It makes me so giddy to know that my manly-man hubby who loves the wilderness, trout fishing, and Land Cruisers, who fixes drains and digs trenches, is also a whiz on the sewing machine. My man is the complete package.
And look how cute they pillows turned out:

The makeover energy continued as I tackled our old wooden high-chair. I love this old chair. It's seen at least 6 children and has a great vintage look to it. But the thing was getting nasty. There were old food stains and the varnish was nearly completely worn off. It was looking incredibly pathetic and desperately pleading for a new look. I wish I had remembered to take some before and after pictures.  This is for Landon's first birthday and somewhat shows off the "before" makeover image:

And here's the "After":

The original tray split in two awhile back just from continual wear and tear. RJ actually formed and carved a new tray and covered it in bees wax and such so that it's safe to eat off of which is why I didn't paint  it (and seriously, what does this man not know how to do!).

Can you tell I love that turquoise color? I've used it on at least 4 different things in my house. It so light, bright and cheery!


Jess Roy said...

I love it all! The house looks amazing. :)

Jon Ryan and Christy said...

loving the feathering. so fun prepping for your family of four. good job with low energy and all.

Linda Z said...

Everything turned out great!! I'm so impressed that RJ can sew! Hidden zippers kind of scare me, so I try and avoid them!! I need lessons. :)

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