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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear Little African Lady -

I haven't forgotten about you! We are still waiting in excited anticipation for your arrival home. I must admit that for a few months there I was pretty frustrated and feeling like this adoption journey will never end. But the Lord is good and He has renewed me and refreshed my spirit. Although we recently got word that we will probably wait 24 months (!!!) until receiving your referral I still feel upbeat. You really are my "elephant baby" - worth every moment of the wait. Meanwhile we are preparing for your brother's arrival (all the while still thinking about you too). It should be less than 8 weeks until we meet him face-to-face. We love you both so much sight unseen that I can't image how much love the Lord will fill us with once we are able to look upon your sweet faces. And Big Brother Landon is extremely excited to know you and love you as well!


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