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Thursday, March 15, 2012

i seriously love little boys!
how stinkin' cute is this

t-ball is Landon's latest obsession and i have to admit i am really encouraging this one.
i know we aren't supposed to put our own hopes and dreams on our children.
they should be able to choose the activities that they enjoy, and that God gifted them with, without parent pressure. and i have no intention of pressuring him into anything in particular, but i would really love it if at least one of my boys was a ball player. i hate playing the sport myself. i cried nearly every game the one year i played softball. it's hard to be a good player when you're incredibly scared of the ball.
i remember standing in the outfield (first clue i was terrible) just praying "please don't let the ball come out here. please, please, please!" And i'm pretty sure i nearly peed myself each and every time i had to go bat. but, despite my fundamental fear of the ball, i do love everything associated with baseball. i love the sportsmanship, the uniforms, the hot dogs, the excitement of a home-run and even the boredom of a long, scoreless game.
i know it's cliche but there really is something so american-pie-wonderful about baseball.
so swing-on son! i'll keep fetching those wiffle balls for you!
(but be warned that the moment you graduate to real baseballs you'll find me cowering, but cheering!, from the stands)

oh, and A League Of Their Own might just be one of the best movies ever.


Tracy said...

THAT is pretty darn adorable, but it helps that your subject is SO cute!

Linda Z said...

So very cute!! :) I'm not athletic at all, but I think b-ball has such an American spirit about it. And I love A League of Their Own. I always cry when Gina Davis' husband returns from the war. :)

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