3 Months Left

Thursday, February 9, 2012

When I think about our little guy making his big arrival in a mere 3 months I get a bit overwhelmed. Yet, when I think about being pregnant for 3 MORE MONTHS I get totally overwhelmed. 

I am over being pregnant. Honestly I don't have anything in particular to complain about, just the regular aches and discomforts. I'm just ready to have my full energy and my body back. But, since this very well could by my last pregnant I am trying to enjoy it and savor the closeness of having my little guy literally attached to me and to me alone.

13 weeks seems like a long time but our list of things to do and enjoy before our newest arrival will definitely help time pass quickly. Over the next few months we are looking to:

- finish the boys' room

- covert our spare room/den into a playroom

- enjoy a few special activities with Landon such Kids Space in Pasadena 

- visit with Uncle Matthew, Aunt Jessica and Aunt Kaitlyn!!!
- celebrate Landon's 3rd birthday

- try to get away for a long weekend without L

- attend a big adoption conference that's being hosted in California this year

- and soak-up the last few moment of being a family of 3!


Mrs. Cheerio said...

You look fantastic!!! How exciting for you and your family that it is getting close to meet your new little one!

Jess Roy said...

I agree, you look stellar. We can't wait to come see you! <3

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