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Friday, January 27, 2012

For nearly two weeks I've been so overwhelmingly busy I haven't been able to write blogs, read blogs, discover new blogs, or anything. It's amazing how out of the loop I feel. The blog community has become a small, yet significant part of my life, and I really miss it when I have to stay away.  

There are a few reasons for my short hiatus: Landon gave me his nasty flu-bug and I couldn't shake it for nearly 3 weeks, I have a new challenge/commitment ahead of me that I've been preparing for (more on this to come soon), I actually got to do a bit of work with a former colleague, I've been crafting (I know, gasp!) and then just the everyday occurrences and relationships. Not to mention, L's naps are getting shorter giving me barely enough time to eat my lunch and get the house straightened up before he's awake again. I'm going to have to find a new window of time in my day to write posts. 

It's was incredibly fun working with my former colleague and good friend this past week. Just a small project, but it felt great to exercise that part of my mind once again. I really love not working and being home with Landon, but I do worry about losing my edge. I'm afraid I'll head back into the workforce ten years from now (or sooner) and be completely lost - everything I once knew obsolete and irrelevant in our fact-changing society. But when I look back on the past few years I realize God has been taking care of me all along. I've had four editing jobs land in my lap since transferring to stay-at-home-motherhood. The jobs haven't been paid, but they've allowed me to continue to hone my skills and stay just a tiny bit involved in the industry. It's been just enough too; because although I've enjoyed the work it's hard to juggle home, kids, husband and job. I greatly admire women who do it regularly.

Maybe at some point I'll return to work, but if I do I'm certain of one thing: it's my house that's going to suffer, because there is no way I'm missing out on precious moments with this little dude. They are flying by way to fast as it is!


Jess Roy said...

Love! Can't wait to hear about your new project...:)

Jessica G. said...

Welcome back! :) I recently took on my first side job since have Isla (I did one last year while pregnant too). I can't believe how much harder it is finding time to actually get it done these days. But I, like you, am grateful for the chance to keep my mind sharp and relevant. And I know in just a few more months, she will be more grown up (sniff, sniff) and it will be easier to do things like this...of course at that point I may not have any opportunities!

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