Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My friend Jessica (Jess - if i knew how to link you from my iphone I totally would!) sometimes does these AWESOME posts called awesome/awkward. They are hilarious.

The other day at Trader Joes I saw something that just screamed Awesome/Awkward so I'm going to be totally Awkward and rip off her idea (which I believe she may have stolen from someone else, so now it's a tend, which is awesome.)

AWESOME: Trader Joes now does cheese samples! So not only do I get a mini cup of coffee and a small snack while shopping but now Landon and I get a cheese chunk too. Yippee

AWKWARD: Last time I was at the cheese tray of freebies I noticed an average looking, middle-aged woman loading a napkin with cheese samples and sneaking them into her purse. Odd but possibly understandable. It was really good cheese. Ten minutes later I find her in the parking lot in the car next to me feeding the dozen plus cats in her backseat!!!! Waaaayyy awkward.

In other news I've taken to wearing leg warmers recently. Awesome or awkward? You tell me.


Jessica G. said...

Yea for an awesome/awkward post! And that cat story is a little bit creepy, but maybe that's because I am not a cat person. And the leg warmers, awesome!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jessica. Cat Lady is AWKWARD, leg warmers are AWESOME!
-Love your stylish sister

Rachael said...

Bwahahahaa! That's sooooo creepy!!!!

Yay! I'm glad you're playing along! The original awkward/awesome girl is Sydney from The Daybook but I ripped her off and added my own twist of relating the two things (i.e. each awkward is usually paired with an awesome, etc).

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