It Runs In The Family

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Warning: shameless bragging about my boys below:

My very first blog post ever (way back in 2007) was about RJ's modeling career
Apparently modeling runs in the family. 
(Or maybe Patagonia just happens to like the look of my men.)
Either way, we got to see Landon strut his stuff down the catwalk on Monday for 
Patagonia Fall Fashion Show. 

Unfortunately I have terrible pictures.

I have to say it was pretty impressive. 
Watching incredibly beautiful people sashaying down the runway in hundreds of stylish garments that my husband helped produce was inspiring. 
I was proud of my guy.

Both my guys.
I might be his biased Mama but I have to say that Landon killed it.
He wore his puffy pants and jacket like a pro and marched onto that stage like he owned it.
The big lights, loud music, and good-sized audience just pumped him up more.
I was watching from the crowd but RJ told me that he had to hold Landon back until it was his turn.
Our boy was ready to strut. 
He held his head high and waved to all the people.
I was incredibly proud -
and maybe just a tiny bit nervous as to where all this confidence might lead.

Dad and Landon - dressed and ready

A fuzzy picture of one of the big screens next to the stage while Landon walked
Bottom left you and can Landon and RJ at the shows finale clapping to the music


Jess Roy said...

Yeah Hosking boys! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there!
-April Joy

Tim and Debra said...

So fun. Can't wait to get Mia into some of those warm winter jackets!

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