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Monday, July 30, 2007

I came home this afternoon to discover that my husband has been recruited down a new career path - model. At first I wasn't sure about this new endeavor. Models aren't always the best husband material; they sometimes tend to be self-absorbed and high maintenance. I learned, however, that RJ is a fly-fishing model which is it's own type in-and-of-itself. Fly-fishing models are fairly laid back and easy to live with (as long as the streams are flowing). Plus, he is rather cute.

(required photo credit: Tim Davis, Patagonia)


Ashley said...

Hi Anna! I had to check out your blog. Cause I miss seeing your smilin face every once in a while. How are you and your model-of-a-husband?! Yes, yes, I must say, he is flyfishing model material. But I'm not coming on to him. I promise. Promise.
I was driving through Tahoe the other day for Sarah Hudson (butterworth's) wedding and thought about you so much! Camping, hanging on the beach, going mini golfing...such great memories!
Miss you. a lot.
And hope all is well...

Anonymous said...

This is so funny! He does look great...

Unknown said...

Hi, Anna!
I stumbled across your blog after you posted on ours! funtimes on the www!

So i can understand your concern for having a model husband...but in the big scheme of things, that's really not too bad of a problem to have! Plus you don't have to worry about him having very many stalkers...I bet female readership is somewhat low when it comes to fly fishing periodicles! ;)


CharityLiz said...

oops...just realized that you didn't post on OUR blog...I was linked into the Tim&Debra blog! It's like a stinkin' Wildly Woven Web out here..can't even tell where I'm at anymore! haha! --charity

The Harper Family said...

Hi anna...Thanks for commenting on our blog it was goof to hear from you. How has life been...what are have you been up to? Catch me up on your life!
PS RJ makes a great fly fisher model!

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