4 Months Waiting

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Although it is months and months and months away I am still so excited to get "the call."
The referral call from our agency when we will finally learn your name, your story, and see your sweet picture. 
Then we will get to travel to Ethiopia to meet you, hold you, squeeze you and love on you.
After that will come the agonizing waiting period as we wait to pass court, clear embassy, and prepare to bring you home.
Then we will go back to pick you up as part of our family forever. 
There will be a really long plane ride.
Finally we will bring you through the door of your new home.

That is the part I am most excited for.
The part when you come home. 
Like a pregnancy before delivery, or a wedding before marriage, this adoption journey is crazy.
It's exciting and full of anticipation.
There are twists and turns and unexpected hurdles, as well as blessings. 
But it's all a just a precursor to the real-deal. 
When you finally come home. 

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Jess Roy said...

love this - praying for your little ones.

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