Thursday, September 15, 2011

All summer we grew Landon's hair out. We are big fans of the shaggy haired look. It's very beach boy. Very Renaissance Man. 

But inevitably a mullet begins to grow and you're stuck in a conundrum: suffer through the mullet phase until the hair gets longer or go back to a freshly shorn, cropped coif. 

I thought I would get all clever and just "clean up" Landon's mullet myself. RJ and I were pretty pleased with my hairdressing skills for a day or two. And then I took a photo of my little man and my eyes were opened:

I'm sorry sweet boy. Mama made you look like a goon.

Back to the barber we went. 

(It is near impossible to get a pic of this child smiling sweetly)

Much better.


Jess Roy said...

I tried to cute MR's hair once...DISASTER. Props for trying! :) He'll be a looker no matter what!

Jess Roy said...

And by cute....I mean cut. Yeah.

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