Our Journey to YES - part 1

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let me be honest friends, this waiting thing is really hard.
And we've only been DTE 2 weeks! We have months and months and months to go.
I've never been very good at that thing called patience.
And yet it seems to be something the Lord really wants to teach me,
because it just keep cropping up in my life. 

But thanks to the Lord's incredible faithfulness I am slowly getting
better at waiting without anxiety. Waiting in eagerness, but in peace.
And since I'm not yet chasing around 2-3 little people I thought it would be a sweet time
to record the Lord's faithfulness to me in this area of struggle. 
Which corresponds with out journey towards adoption.
Our journey to "Yes"

Once engaged RJ and I started premarital counseling with our dear pastor and his wife. Brian handed us a questionnaire, told us to fill it out separately, and then discuss the answers together. One of the questions was: "How many children would you like to have?" 

Now RJ and I had both agreed while dating that we didn't want children. We weren't interested in being tied down - we wanted to travel the world, work internationally, and escape The American Dream lifestyle. No white picket fence, no kids, no minivan and no dog (HAHA - God has a sense of humor)

traveling in Costa Rica shortly after we were married

But I had lingering doubts in the back of my mind. I knew I wanted to travel, live in New York, explore foreign countries, ride elephants, and be a free spirited bohemians, but I wondered if I wouldn't change my mind at some point. I had always liked kids and people often told me I was good with children. Would I feel differently a few years from now when I was no longer 21 and could see a bit further down the road than the end of my own nose? Hesitatingly I answered the question with a number 2.

"Two kids," RJ questioned. "I thought we weren't having children?"
"We aren't", I insisted, "but, just in case we change our mind we should have a plan."

We agree on two kids and they would come waaaayyyy down the line (if ever).


To be continued....


Linda Z said...

I'm glad that God changed your mind! You make great parents!! :)

Jessica G. said...

I'm very interested in your story. I never knew you and RJ didn't want kids. I would like to say though, you can still live your dreams with your kids in tow. I have loads of friends living abroad with kids. Though I do also think God gives us new dreams. I never thought about living in another country. I was thinking about the white picked fence and look where I ended up. God really does have a sense of humor! And I think he shapes us in ways we never knew or wanted to be shaped.

Chelsea said...

what a sweet story or beginning to the story.

that picture is adorable.

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