be still my heart

Monday, June 6, 2011

Landon does two things pretty much all day long:


Considering my conversations go much like my writing it's safe for you to assume he inherited his
long-winded nature from his Mama!

He chats about his breakfast, he chats about his cars, he sings his ABCs and the Fishy song, he chats about his lunch, about his friends, and about the chickens. He tells me about his books, he claims every song on the radio is his favorite song, and he mimics me continually. Even the words that sometimes slip out and I would rather him not say. 

Being a chatty Cathy myself I totally love his constant communication. 
However, for months I've been waiting to hear those magic words:

I love you Mama.

He's been saying "love you" for a long time, but only ever as a response. He would say "love you" back to RJ and I whenever we told him we loved him, but he never said it spontaneously. 
Until a few days ago. I was kneeled down next time him and we were cheek to cheek waiting for his favorite cartoon to begin. Suddenly he put his arm around my shoulders and declared: 
I love you Mama.

Be still my heart.

What a precious treasure. 
I know not all children are able to speak and express their love verbally, so I treasure Landon's precious words in my heart. They are such a gift. 

Love you too, bug.

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