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Sunday, April 3, 2011

In two years I've left Landon overnight twice. Once for a three day bachelorette party in San Diego and again for two nights in Pasadena for a wedding. Both times leaving was much easier than I anticipated. Actually, RJ and I were having such a good time at the wedding we both thought the other person checked in on Landon and his grandparents, but neither or us had, so we went more than 24 hours without even checking on him! 

But that last trip was nearly a year ago. And yesterday, after I had left for four hours to go to Target and my book club meeting, Landon came running to the door to greet me. He threw his arms around my neck, wiped his snotty nose against my check, and excitedly told me all about taking a walk with daddy and seeing a really big bunny at the mall. My heart turned to mush right then and there and I wanted to freeze time forever. 

So how am I going to leave my little guy for an entire week??! I am east coast bound with my husband, and rather than drag him on a quick moving trip we thought he (and we) would have a better time if he was with his grandparents. 

I am so incredibly excited to have some time with RJ. Although we get alone time in the evenings after Landon goes to bed it's different to share an adventure, or even just a coffee and a donut, together without any interruptions or distractions. And the last time we stayed in a hotel we had to put Landon to bed in the bathroom forcing us to watch tv with no volume at 8:00pm - totally romantic.

But I need your encouragement friends. Veteran moms - have you left your little one for longer than a few days? How did you do? I've already determined that I will not talk to him on the phone. I think it will be too difficult for both of us. Any other tips?

OH, and for my traveling friends, if you had 24 hours in New York City, and you've already seen all the big tourist attractions, what would you do with your time?


Tim and Debra said...

Well, I don't have much advice for you other than to have a great time! You can always drop Landon off in Paso Robles for a while. We'll take Mr. Cuteness off of your hands anytime. :)

Jessica G. said...

You two will have so much fun on a trip together! Ian and I have yet to go together, but are planing on doing something this summer for three days without Connor. And, your hotel comment made me laugh. See, Ian and I camped out (numerous times) in the bathroom while Connor went to sleep in the hotel was great fun! And we will be doing that again in a few short weeks, as we are taking him with us to Vegas for a week (Ian has a work conference).

As for leaving Landon, as you know, I went to NYC for a week in December without Connor. Every night, I ichatted with him on my iphone. I personally loved it. Lots of time I was just watching him play. Sometimes he would say hi. I also realize he was younger than Landon is. But I would have to say, I loved that time. It made it easier on me to see that he was doing ok and warmed my heart to see him.

As for 24 hours in NYC, its all about the shopping...and the eating for that matter. Ever had Baked By Melissa? They are the best mini cupcakes I have ever tasted. They have three locations in the city. Google them to find out where and definitely get some if you get the chance. Your mouth and stomach will thank you! As for shopping, there is this store called Made Well. It's owned by J.Crew but a boutique style. They now have a few in southern California too. But, if you go to Soho, they have one there, so be sure to hit it up. I got myself some cute clothes from there.

And since I now think this comment is as long as your blog, I will stop myself from writing more.

joyfulgirl said...

Sounds like such a fun time for you and RJ. I've been away from Maya for 10 days when she was four on a girls trip out of town. She was home with Matt and they had some fun adventures of their own. I loved talking with her on the phone but I was definitely ready to come home around day 8-9.

I think the greatest thing about being away for a fair period of time is the amount of reflection your allowed on your life, your goals, your parenting plus it builds confidence in your children as they journey on new adventures of their own.

Hope you have a fantastic time on your date-week:)

Ryan and Camille said...

well, no comments from me yet either. One night hardly compares. I would probably try to see at least one broadway show/musical. I cant get enough. Ive seen le mis, chicago, the phantom...Not to mention eating in every cultural district there is. You can't beat the authenticity of their little italy pasta dishes. You're going to get so much from this trip, Bring a journal and your prayers! It's making me want to go!

Anonymous said...

the longest i've left hunter is for 3 days, but we used FaceTime a few times each day & it was really nice. we told him to say "call mommy!" anytime he wanted & grandma would call. we loved seeing his face & he loved seeing the ocean... or wherever we were. for us, talking & seeing him was a fantastic thing!

have fun on your trip!

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