Go Barefoot

Monday, April 4, 2011

Join me tomorrow, April 5th, and go all day without shoes

You can get more information here.

"Shoes are a status symbol [in Ethiopia]
children dream of having their first pair."
- Dr. Larry Thomas
Chairman of the Tropical Health Alliance


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Chelsea said...

Hey girl. I read your comment on my blog and was wondering if you'd be interested in sharing your birth story (since you had such a great hospital experience, i'd like to show that it IS possible to have one!) on my blog!

If you'd like to, please send me your story, how you prepared for your birth, what you liked/disliked about y our birth and what you would have done differently next time. If you could also send 2-3 photos, that would be awesome too.

My email is crobbins223@gmail.com

Thanks girl.
Have a great weekend.

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