Good-bye Hello

Monday, April 11, 2011

I cried when I said good-bye to Landon yesterday. For a slit second I nearly backed out. How could I leave my darling boy for an entire week? But now, 24 hours later I am doing much better. I feel as though I'm saying hello to a part of myself I haven't seen in awhile. The independent, culture-loving, traveler who sometimes gets shelved in exchange for park time and snuggled. Both are "me", both fulfilling, but sometimes these two parts have a difficult time coexisting. It's nice to embody this forgotten side for awhile. Currently I'm sitting in a funky coffer shop in Georgetown DC. I've just finished an phenomenal americano that took five minutes to create. Pure coffee perfection. My handsome husband and I are sharing banana bread and organic yogurt while reading Relevant magazine and NY times. Every hour or so I wonder what Landon's up to and pray he is having fun and not missing us. But I think I just might enjoy these next few days after all.

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