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Friday, April 22, 2011

On Tuesday I discovered a slow water leak underneath the sink in the kitchen. It's probably been leaking for about a month without our knowledge and I was super bummed to have to tell RJ about it. Water leaks tend to ruin evenings.

Poor guy spend the majority of Tuesday night with his head underneath the sink. And when he wasn't down there he was a Lowe's buying an second, third, fourth part to try and fix it. I really felt awful for him so I tried to keep cold beers handy and Landon out of the way, but the little man wanted in the action. There were wrenches, and flashlights, and screwdrivers, and Daddy - a little boy's dream!

Had is been me stuck underneath that sink I would have been so annoyed by my "helper" crawling all over me and stealing my tools. But RJ has the patience of Job. He didn't seem to mind at all when Landon jumped on his stomach to grab a nearby tool, or blocked Dad out to get a better look himself. And despite the fact RJ was pretty upset about the water damage he kept his voice upbeat and positive while chatting with Landon.

RJ's such a fantastic father. I just love watching these two tackle projects together.


Jess Roy said...

I love this! So cute to see Daddy and his boy working together... :) Miss you guys!

Jessica G. said...

Maybe it was good having Landon around, given that it made RJ stay upbeat about the leak. And sorry about the leak, that really sucks.

Deb said...


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