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Thursday, April 21, 2011

One of the highlights of our East Coast trip was definitely the food.

I memorialize trips by what I eat. I can remember the majority of the meals and snacks I consumed on our European adventure nearly 6 years ago far better than I can remember the churches and historic sites I saw. 

And since RJ had to work during the day on this trip we lingered over long dinners together. Savoring the delicious food and the peaceful, uninterrupted, served after 9pm, adult conversation themed, mealtimes. 

In Washington DC we had Ethiopian food for the first time.

Delicious! Full of flavor and spice. Somewhat reminded me of Indian food.
Anyone know of a good Ethiopian cookbook?
In New York City I had the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich.
I have thought about it every single day since then.
The cheese was on the inside AND the outside of the bread.

Crispy cheese on the outside; gooey on the inside
with mustard sauce

Connecticut was beautiful but no food to write home about.

But Boston....

Oysters with horseradish
Fresh clam chowder

From the oldest restaurant in America
Italian restaurants with staff that actually spoke Italian.
And Italian bakeries around every corner.

Stuffing my face with a pistachio cannoli  
 And because I hoofed it around the cities all day I don't think I gained an ounce.
Pretty much the perfect vacation. 

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Jess Roy said...

Oh my goodness...Ethiopian foods is. the. best. So glad to hear that the trip was a blast!

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