Easter Sunday

Monday, April 25, 2011

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday celebrating the Resurrection.

RJ and I decided to tell Landon about the Easter Bunny. Our plan was to keep it really understated. Let him have the fun of the bunny, the basket, and the egg hunt but center the day on Jesus. HaHa. So much for good intention. Ten minutes ago when I picked Landon up from his nap the first thing out of his mouth was "Easter Bunny?" As in, did that bunny come again today and can I eat more candy?

I kept with my mom's tradition for Landon's Easter basket: one chocolate bunny, a new Easter outfit, and a new book. Sweet and Simple.

I absolutely love church worship on Easter. This year our church put together a choir, and the view was spectacular.

Landon and his best girl Avery did a great job hanging in the bleachers during the service. Largely in part to the brilliance of our Children's Ministry director, my friend Jen, who passed out goody bags with crayons, candy, sunglasses, and bubbles before the service.

And I was absolutely thrilled to realized that both Target and the entire mall were closed for Easter. I made an emergency run out for trash bags and when I pulled up and Target was closed I couldn't have been more thrilled. Sometimes I feel as though our nation, which was founded on Christian principles, is turning it's back on God more and more. It was refreshing to see that big commercial companies are still recognizing Easter as a Holiday. Although I am sure they are politically correct and closing so that people may celebrate bunnies and family they are still observing non-the-less.

He is Risen. He is Risen, Indeed.

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Jess Roy said...

Landon's tie - epic. I'm so glad Easter was so great for you guys. I love that Easter basket tradition too! Did Reality have a service outside in SB? Sweet!

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