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Thursday, February 10, 2011

When you marry the boy you marry the family. And how STOKED am I that this lovely gal came along in the package.

Jessica not only completely redesigned my entire blog for me but she did it with the utmost patience and grace. A particularly challenging endeavor considering my "direction" was completely vague and non-discript: 

"Ummm, I think I would like it if there were some birds. Yay. And maybe a vintage/modern/contemporary/victorian feel."

How she took my lack of vision and turned it into something this wonderful can only be attested to true design skill. So check out here new design business:

Stay tuned because her and I are drumming up a fun little project together. I think you'll like it.

Meanwhile, go check out her guest post at Foodzie. I'm so proud of her! And if you make those truffles send some to me. I'm afraid of making them myself - because I might eat the entire batch in one sitting.

I promise not to change the blog name anymore. This third time should do it. :)

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Jess Roy said...

you are so sweet! and girl, we are going to do some great things... :)

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