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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It is absolutely crazy insane windy today.  Swimming lessons were canceled since a tree fell and broke a power line. The gym had to close up too. Obviously our sunny beach community is totally prepared for bad weather.

The wind isn't the only thing rushing around our house lately. A certain little man with white blonde hair and big blue eyes has been whirling around like a tornado. (Unless TV is on. That kid sees a lit up screen and it's instant glue.) He's growing, and moving, so fast it's frightening. I am so afraid I'm going to forget all his little mannerisms and funny quirks.

His current obsession is cars. Landon loves the movie, the figurines and the real deal. It's all about cars all day long. When we were gone I bought him four little Matchbox cars. Best $5 I ever spent.

He continues to be a dancing machine. Family Dance parties have been a regular event throughout his life - complete with surround sound and dimmed lights - hardcore. But RJ and I unintentionally created a little pop music monster. The boy is CRAZY about Lady GaGa. Seriously. He can recognize all her songs and refuses to listen to anything else (except he will compromise with JT's Sexy Back). Just Dance and Poker Face are his favorites. He doesn't like Alejandro. A recent conversation in the car:

Mom: Let's try something new Landon.    switching on country
Landon: No Dance. No Dance!!      translation: bad music, bad music
Mom: switches back to the pop station. Brittney Spears is playing
Landon: GAGA! GAGA!

Mealtime continues to go well - as long as there is sauce. Landon is a great eater. He'll eat pretty much anything dipped in either ketchup or salad dressing. During the times I've told him he may not have sauce he's so distraught he'll actually pretend, dipping his food into imaginary sauce.

Our boy is incredibly affectionate and will give just about anyone a hug. Even non-expecting folks at Starbucks.

His vocabulary is growing by the day. He now speaks in full sentences and pretty much gives me a running commentary on his entire day.

Potty Training is still far in our future. Hating to have his diaper changed because it takes away from play time he lies about having dirty underpants.

We are totally in the "MINE" phase. Actually, I'm not sure how to handle it so if you have any tips please share! He loves his friends and talks about seeing them all the time. But then the moment they come over he begins shouting "mine, mine" and runs to protect his stash of toys. It's so dramatic you would think he's shielding baby animals from outrageous harm or something.

Whenever he makes something out of legos it either flies or bulldozes. And it always makes lots of buzzing, whizzing, crashing, and chopping sounds.

He can charm the socks of near anyone. Does it to me everyday.

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Jess Roy said...

Your little guy has such heart! I love hearing about how he's growing...I just came across some pictures of you pregnant and I can't believe how FAST time has flown by! I mean, L is almost 2! We love you guys. :)

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