Julia and Strawberry Cake

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For the past few days I've been feeling like there is a gremlin living in my tummy. 
I've been SO hungry. 
And when I'm hungry I bake.

For Valentine's day I made this strawberry cake. Full of nasty stuff I wouldn't normally eat
but holidays are a time for indulgence and frosting. 

Btw - does anyone else watch The Food Network when working out?
I always watch Paula while running on the treadmill.
I can't decide if it's some kind of weird torture to watch a woman frying up Southern food while feeling my bum bounce or if it's motivation? 

We currently have an abundance of leeks in the garden. 
And since I remembered that the very first recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking
was Potato Leek soup I figured it was time to crack the spine and try my hand at channeling Julia.

So easy. Only 5 ingredients (potatoes, leeks, water, salt, and cream)
And SO good.
That's why she's my hero.

Soup is good but the real reason  I  most of us eat soup is so we can consume later quantities of bread.
I eat like my two year old - with lots of sauce and dipping.

Home made honey oat bread
After feeding my boys their soup and bread last night I met the girls at one of the best restaurants in town for Tuesday night grilled cheese night. Grilled goat cheese with red pepper jelly dunked in organic tomato and white bean soup. Pinot grigio. Lemon bar, cheesecake and flourless chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse. 

It's like I'm pregnant.
But I'm not.
Well, only on paper. 
Does that count for eating copious amounts of food? 

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Jess Roy said...

Wow - all of that looked super delicious. Your description of the grilled cheese....to die for. It's making me hungry...and I just ate dinner. :)

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