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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Friends!

Last night we brought in the New Year asleep in our beds. WhoooHeee! But we did make it up until 10:30pm having a lovely dinner with friends. This morning RJ took little man on a long walk so I could sleep in and I spent some time reflecting on 2010. The year Two-thousand-and-ten will be forever marked as a year of growth for our family. Landon went from crawling to walking, gibbering to talking. I graduated from keeping our son warm, fed, and alive to full-feldged Mom - with responsibilities to teach values, manners, spirituality and obedience. And RJ transitioned from surfer to valued member of the "local" Crusties that hang out and hold court over the beach (and responsibly teaching parent too, of course). 2010 also marked a huge years of spiritual growth. God took hold of our hearts like never before and has started a radical transformation in us: totally exciting and completely freaky.

But now its 2011. A decade since I packed my bags, said good-bye to Grass Valley, and headed out "on my own". I can't believe it's been ten years since the Pomp and Circumstance march of maroon and grey. Ten years since my parents kissed my good-bye in a parking lot 350 miles from home, and watched as I shuffled back to my 10 foot cube knowing not a soul to comfort me. Ten years filled professors, friendships, college crazies, a wonderful man, a wedding, globe trotting, a new town, home ownership, first jobs, careers, loss, pregnancy, and a beautiful son. 

I know 2011 will bring more adventures; and I'm excited to share them with all my blog friends! So stay tuned as I work on revamping the look of the blog (once again!) and prepare to share some new developments happening in our little world. 

Meanwhile I present to you: 11 Goals for 2011 
(some are repeats since they didn't quite happen in 2010 and some
are also on my 33 before 33 list)

1. Make something out of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I've spent a year admiring the front cover. It's time to crack it open.

2. Sent more handwritten notes for no reason except to say Hello 

3. Use the china and the silver more than once a year

4. Read through the entire Bible. It's about time.

5. Learn to sew. And more specifically, sew a quilt. 

6. Redecorate Landon's room now that he's no longer a baby.

7. Read at least 3 new pieces of classic literature. I have a tendency to always pick up the hot new bestseller rather than taking in the classics. 

8. Go on a trip (big or small) with my husband and no child.

9. Go to the beach more often. It's right here and I don't take advantage near enough.
Along with that - surf more than 3x this year.

10. Do a Park Tour of Ventura with Landon. 

11. Eat more fruits and vegetables at breakfast and lunch. Dinner is covered but I tend to forget the veggies before 5pm.

What are you planning to do this next year?

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Dallas said...

Just FYI: we were in bed by 9:45pm...SWEET!!!

However, Lex is suffering from his first MAJOR illness and respiratory infection; so, even though we made it to bed early, Meg and I got a chance to say "Happy New Year" to each other about 9 times throughout the night. Arghhhh...

I've got some goals this year too.
One of which is: LOSE WEIGHT and FREAKIN' keep it off this time... Yeah, I made that resolution...I'm THAT guy!

Also, I plan on writing every single day... whether that be screenwriting, blogging or working on my book, I plan on writing every day. (By the by, my blog is coming back on line this week. I think you'll enjoy the new direction.)

Happy New Year, Anna!
Meg and I miss you and the boys!!!

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