I AM...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

- totally and absolutely crazy about this little love nugget

- obsessed with vegetarian meals lately. Just made some amazing dishes
that I'll have to share with you

- soaking up all the January sunshine

- basking in that wonderful sensation of recently finishing a great run

- thinking about racial issues. This year Martin Luther King day stirred up more thoughts 
and feelings than ever before

- knee deep in paperwork but feeling optimistic. Every finished document brings us one step closer to our babies in Africa

- needing a new book recommendation. Just finished "The Forgotten Garden" & "Cutting for Stone" and really enjoyed both of them

- craving chocolate cake and coffee. For no apparent reason

- itching to do some thrifting. It's been a few weeks
(making up ridiculous rhythms) 

- wondering why Love Nugget is yelling from his room instead of napping 


Erin said...

Hi! Sooo... I have some questions for you. I was gonna email you but I couldn't figure out how. My husband and I have seriously been talking about adopting just in the past few weeks. Wondering how you got started and what made you decide on Ethiopia? Please email me when you have a minute! And I'm so excited for you guys! And I'm loving that I get to follow you guys through this journey!


My email is thebiermanns@yahoo.com

The Schmidts said...

I loved Cutting for Stone and The Forgotten Garden. I also read "The Glass Castle" and "Half-broke Horses" recently that were memoirs and I loved them too. I read "How to be Lost" by Amanda Ward and enjoyed that too. Good luck on your paperwork. I just read Holly's blog and they just finished too. Maybe you'll get kids from the same orphanage (I know, unlikely, but crazy too to think about). -Rhiannon

SomisSurferGirl said...

Have you checked put Adopted for Life? It rocked my world. Let's make a play date sometime in the next few weeks!

Edwards Family said...

That picture of Landon is awesome! love it.

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