Oh Anthro

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In the name of saving money 
I've been trying to avoid buying new clothes.
I'm proud to report: "I am 20 days shopping free and counting."

But Landon's taking an enormously long nap today (praise you Lord for long naps!) and the newest Anthropologie email was too tempting. I gave in and looked. Oh yum. I love you anthro.

This is called the Every Saturday shirt.
Ummm, I think if it was hanging in my closet it would end up being the Every Single day shirt

Can you ever have too many stripes?

yes, please

I'm sure I would look like a clown
but how badly do I want to be able to pull these off!


mustard yellow flowers & drapey arms? I'm in

Someone please buy some of these delicious pieces so that I can live vicariously through you.

Or better yet, if you're my sister (I know you read this, April) buy one of these lovely garments so I might "borrow" them from you.


Jess Roy said...


Ryan and Camille said...

Ill take the flowery one with the yellow flowers and you can borrow when you visit slo... ; )
camille (not Ryan)

Anonymous said...

One and two are cute. Three is bad, four worse, and five is a bit odd. It may be cute. Six is ADORABLE. Lets share! Heck, isn't that what sisters are for?

Two Cent Sparrow.
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