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Monday, December 6, 2010

I don't think Christmas has been this fun since the year my sister and I got Popples. (How awesome were those things! Stuffed animals that turned into pom-pom balls - awesome!) Landon is loving on Christmas. Or, at least, he's loving on trees and ornaments and lights.

We decorated our tree about a week ago and there was NO WAY he was missing out on any of the action. I gave him his own box of (unbreakable) ornaments and RJ showed him how to put the loop over the tree branch. But he thought it was way more fun to find himself a sturdy branch and start stacking.

Choosing a good branch

Carefully selecting an ornament for the tree

Only part-way finished and already getting a really nice stack

Christmas tree tip for those with toddles: The lights and ornaments are overwhelmingly exciting - and of course little hands are eager to hold and touch everything. So underneath the tree I put a small box with 5-6 unbreakable ornaments inside. Landon is allowed to play with those ornaments whenever he wants. He can open the box, hang them, carry them around, play with them, whatever his little heart desires; but he is not allowed to touch any of the others. And, so far, it's working surprisingly well. It's pretty cute how into them he is.

Speaking of cute, whenever we drive home in the dark I point out all the Christmas lights and he claps his hands saying "More Mommy More."

If he thinks Christmas is this fun already I can't image what he'll think when he realizing the colorfully wrapped boxes under the tree aren't just decorations!

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Jess Roy said...

I love the wonder of toddlers at're right, it's like the little lights, a few ornaments, and wrapped packages are such a marvel for it. Can't wait to see you!

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