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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Has anyone overwhelmed by the shopping insanity outside?! I have found myself avoiding the mall, main street, and Target at all costs. Its so bad in Target I was tempted to buy my toilet paper at the Circle K just so I wouldn't have to navigate the Target parking lot. The weather outside is delightful but the consumer insanity is frightful (sorry, I just couldn't help myself!).

Not that I I'm asking everyone to return my Christmas gifts. I love a good present as much as the next girl. But, with a little boy in our home who is starting to understand the concept of stuff and "mine" I'm looking at everything a bit differently than before.

RJ and I are consciously trying to teach Landon what it means to have a spirit of true thankfulness and generosity. And most importantly contentedness in the Lord alone - not in stuff. Along with that we are trying to combat the sense of entitlement that is so prevalent in our generation and subsequently being passed down to the next. Lofty aspirations that are much easier said than done. Particularly since the best way to teach is through example!

And I'm surprised to find that I really want to give Landon material things. It's fun to see him get excited about a new toy. And honestly, it's easier on me when he's occupied with playthings and not begging me to color with him for the 400th time. However, I know that when he's a grown man he will remember our coloring episodes more than he'll remember the 8th dump truck he opened on Christmas morning. And while I definitely don't think there is anything wrong with gifts or toys (we will be giving our son gifts to celebrate Christmas) I am realizing that I need to look at the big picture.

It will be more fun on December 25th if Landon has a huge pile to tear through rather than a more humble stack. But down the road will he have a stronger sense of gratitude and less entitlement if he has to learn to be contented with fewer toys and more relationship building? I think so.

And I think we can say the same for our Heavenly Father. God loves us and wants to give us the desires of our heart. I am beginning to think that He probably wants to say Yes to many of my prayers; and He would delight in my excitement and enjoyment. However, God sees the big picture and He knows what is best for my character development. So while he would love to give me some immediate gratification in His wisdom He says "no" or "wait" knowing that is better for my long-term growth. Which is ultimately more wonderful than immediate gratification anyway.

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The Schmidts said...

You could try what we do. The girls get one Santa gift (although they don't actually have a clue about Santa) and three other gifts each since Jesus received three gifts from the wisemen. It makes us be super thoughtful of what we get them. I like the symbolism and they can appreciate their gifts more. (Plus they end up getting a ton more from relatives too.) -Rhiannon

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