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Friday, August 27, 2010

Lovebirds enjoying Norah Jones

Tomorrow we celebrate out 6th wedding anniversary!
And RJ's 29th birthday.
I can't believe I met this boy when he was 21
and now he's almost 30.
How awesome is it going to be when we are both 80 and I can say I've
known him for 69 years! 

After 8 years of togetherness (2 dating/6 married)
I still get excited to go on dates together.
And I love the canter of our everyday life too.

Here's a little peek into our day-to-day marriage:

Since we've gotten iphones we enjoy texting each other throughout the day.
This was about four days ago at 10 a.m.

Anna: Do you have the theology book [in your truck] again?

RJ: Yep

Anna: annoyed


Anna: Brat! Two can play this game

RJ: I find it amusing we are clamoring over a theology book. Classic. Look at how far we've come.

Anna: Yes, it's pretty cool.
            Except I never get to read it!

RJ: Wa Wa

If that little interaction isn't a selling point for marriage I don't know what is.
How fun are we! 
I love us!



Anonymous said...

congradulations! I am so proud of you both. I love that your my daughter and Rj my son (in-law).
Finding the right person to travel thru life is such a blessing. I know you were meant for each other.

love mom

Jess Roy said...

cheers to 6 years! love you guys.

Dallas said...

What was the "theology" book?

Chelsea said...

congrats! you two are a cute couple!

Two Cent Sparrow said...

Dallas - it was Systematic Theology. We're both loving it!

Two Cent Sparrow.
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