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Monday, August 30, 2010

So we're still trying to stay Farmer's Market fresh
and stick to the ten items on the list.
However, last week I we did eat out quite a bit
and I already had 3 cheats.
To my defense I did have guests from Europe
and they had never, ever had a 
If that isn't reason to cheat I don't know what is!

Week 2
Monday - Tacos with salad
Tuesday - out to dinner at Elements in Santa Barbara
Wednesday - salmon, eggplant brushetta, beet & orange salad
and Smoores
Thursday - My girlfriend brought over cornbread and black beans
and I made guacamole corn salad with tortilla chips
Friday - Out to dinner for RJ's birthday with friends
Saturday - dinner in Santa Monica for our anniversary
Sunday - sausages from Farmer's with leftovers from the Santa Monica dinner

Quite possibly the second best cookies ever
(choc chip still takes number 1. always and forever!)

I also did a bunch of baking this week:

Nutella Cookies
Blueberry Muffins
Honey Oat Bread

And finally, the two alternatives from the list and the two cheats:

Alternative 1: tortilla chips
Alternative 2: paprika
Cheat 1: marshmallows
Cheat 2: Hershey's chocolate 

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Anonymous said...

RECIPE PLEASE: Beet & Orange Salad

Sounds delish! Always looking for great fresh summer salad combos!

love your posts!

Melinda Minyard

Two Cent Sparrow.
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