7-24 House: Landon's Room

Friday, August 6, 2010

Landon's room before

The original wooden cabinets 
were incredibly deep.
They took up nearly a 1/3 of the room.
So RJ and his friend Dave removed them 
and constructed a new closet with 
sliding, mirrored doors.

Here I am 6 months pregnant 
and doing my part.
I remember being really eager to finish Landon's room. All I wanted to do was start nesting. I had a box full of cuddly teddy bears and adorable teeny-tiny clothes that I was dying to display.

Please take a moment to appreciate this awesome brick laminate.  

 Getting closer.
New closet constructed
brick  pulled up
And color applied

I remember being so excited this day.
Selves placed
Carpet in
Ready for baby gear!

I really should take new pics.
These are from when the nursery was first finished
Notice the bright orange wall
I needed
something in the house to be orange

I used a storybook/Dr. Suess theme
And the crib is handmade(!) by our dear friends

I think I love Landon's room 
even more than my own.
But my little guy isn't a baby anymore and I've been feeling the urge to change the decor. 

I'm thinking of a vintage surf theme.
Not cheesey surf with too many 
Hawaiian prints
but classic old-school surf images and beach prints.

Any other suggestions for a 
bright blue and orange room?

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Jess Roy said...

I LOVE the vintage surf theme. It totally fits with your super hip surf family. Seeing pictures of you pregnant really bring me back...I can't believe Landon is so big and that so much has happened since. Time really does fly!

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