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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The last few days have been like a big deep breath.

*exhale here*

We've been going, going, going lately.
And starting Friday the merry-go-round starts back up
so it's been nice to have a couple days of normalcy and  routine.

But it can't be all rest and no fun.
Landon thought our four days of nothingness was the 
perfect time to start transitioning from two naps to one.

1 nap vs. 2 naps:


longer time period in the beginning to the day to do something:
grocery shopping, errands, fun, play-dates, etc.

one long stretch of time all to myself:
up to 2.5-3 hours!


no morning "rest":
it's Landon from 7 a.m until 12pm (5 hours!)

when do I shower? 
read blogs 
clean-up the breakfast mess? 
read my Bible? 

Looks like my new habit of waking up at 6am 
to get things done for myself is already out the window

I'll be getting up at 5:30am.


Landon will be watching a few more episodes of his favorite show The Backyardigans 
on the computer.

See how much he loves it:

careful you don't catch a fly, son


In other news I spend much too long the other night making my blog look "cuter".

I was inspired by my super adorable sister-in-law Jessica and her super-de-duper cutie blog and new esty store. Check it out here.

It was actually so much fun playing around in Photoshop 
and browsing the web for secrets to html code. 
Who knew I had an inner graphic artist/computer programer inside. 


And finally, 

Tomorrow is our last day of "nothingness" until August 17th.
I think I'll bake something.

Because I'm weird and I find sifting flour relaxing.


Jessica G. said...

I like the thought of a long nap! If I am lucky, Connor naps for 45 minutes twice a day. If he is really tired, he will take a longer nap in the afternoon, but still not very long. As for showering, I lock him in the bathroom with me! Oh and Ian and I read our bibles together in the evening. I guess you now know what my life is like! I didn't mean to make it all about me...

Deb said...

Well, one nap or two... he is one cute kid! Anyway... you are a super Mum so I am sure you will work out a way to fit it all in! Enjoy your baking. :)

Chelsea K. said...

I love the photos of Landon with his mouth hanging open!! So cute! lol

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