250th Post!

Monday, August 9, 2010

To celebrate my 250th post I would like to share with you my newest toy:

Inspired by Jessica G's indulgent purchase
I too decided it was okay to loosen my purse string
and venture into the world of paid iphone apps. 

(Why is it that I held my breath while buy a $1.99 phone app but I'll easily blow $3 on coffee?)

And now look:

Two dollars is nothing for talent like this!

I mean, hello, this might be my favorite picture of Landon ever


And the entertainment value is priceless. 
I'm taking so many pictures my baby boy gave-in 
and finally started saying

Is there a phone app that you love?


Bethany said...

the pic of Landon is so cute! love those eye!

Jessica G. said...

Seriously fun, right?!? I am constantly taking pictures with mine too! Glad you are loving your iphone!

SomisSurferGirl said...

Ok dude, seriously what app is that???? My fave is camera bag but I am loving yours!!!!!!

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