Monday, August 9, 2010


Last week my friend Amber and I took out little ones to the Ventura County Fair. 
Two and a half hours is just enough time to have a full fair
experience with limited meltdowns.
We hit up a couple rides, haggled with a few Carnies, saw the animals,
and indulged in fair food. 
Landon loved the rides.
Until they started moving.
Then he clung desperately to Mommy.
(I kinda loved it.)
Avery "weeheed!" every moment of her ride; in true fun-loving fashion.

How cute are they:

   Something happened at the fair that is still bugging me.
Tell me if I'm being ridiculous for being annoyed.
Maybe I should be thankful for her concern....

Both Amber and I wanted more fattening fair food a snack before
dinner, so she got in line for an ear of corn.
I too wanted corn but I knew Landon would be quite upset if he saw
me eating something that he couldn't share.
So instead I opted for Kettle Corn.
(still a vegetarian choice - go me!)

Ten minutes later, with enormous bag of popped
sugary/salty goodness
tucked under my arm,
I began spooning the tasty stuff into Landon's snack cup.
From the corner of my eye I saw a woman giving me a funny look,
but didn't give it much thought as Landon was screaming getting impatient.

Happily munching we turned the strollers around and headed for the barnyard animals.
But, we didn't go two feet, when the glaring woman approached Amber (NOT ME), and told her
"Every year hundreds of kids end up in the ER because of popcorn! humph."

Amber's kid was not eating any popcorn.
Mine was.

If you are so desperate to share your parenting wisdom concerning
my son shouldn't you approach ME?!
I don't really love the random parenting advice from strangers, but I can tolerate it.
Until random stranger goes behind my back to tell me I'm doing something wrong.
But maybe I should be thankful that this lady was concerned enough to say something.
What do you think?

Frustrated feelings aside, the barnyard animals were a big hit

Look Mom!


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Jessica G. said...

Landon's facial expression in that first picture is so adorable! As for that woman, I probably would have told her to keep her comments to herself...or, more realistically, said a few choice words to her that I would have regretted later. Honestly, I don't do well with people giving random parenting advice. Since joining the club, I have noticed how vicious and judgmental mothers are and it bothers me so much.

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