the ladies

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am pleased to introduce you to
the ladies

this is where the ladies live

aren't they beauties

Butter doesn't know quite what to think...
the ladies are RJ and Landon's pets
as i have an intense fear/dislike of all birds.
but, i can admire from afar.
and enjoy the bounty!

the ladies still don't have
individual names. you all had
such wonderful suggestions for
Butter I would love to hear
what you've got for these two.


Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous! Butter is so adorable & so big. How bout Roja & Sprinkles for da ladies :) xoxo, Charis

Jess Roy said...

Lady Gaga and Jasmine.

joyfulgirl said...

can't believe how big butter has gotten! love seeing your new ladies and their lovely home. i like lucille & winny.

Anonymous said...

Haha vote is for Lady Gaga! And as a special honor to me, how about Betty? lol ~April

Brittany said...

Camille and Lola
Monica and Rachel (or phoebe)
Sienna and Sofia
Lucy and Penny
Lily and Rera

Just kidding...
Paris and Nikki
Romy and Michelle

Rebecca said...

I am so jealous! I wish I could work up the nerve to get chickens so we could have fresh eggs. Sadly, like you, I am terrified of chickens. Nasty, eye-pecking beasts...

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