A Quick Update

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've been busy.
The wonderful Roy family came for a visit.
We talked, ate, thrifted, read, watched movies
and just generally enjoyed.

I am super excited because

I learned how to download new fonts, brushes,
create backgrounds, and make rudimentary
images such as this "Polaroid"
of Butter.

And this little baby has been
a bit of a distraction

RJ and I agree that after 6 years of never
getting new phones we
should splurge. And, feeling young,
we got up at 5:30am on Tuesday morning, left the
babe with his aunt and uncle and hit the at&t store line.

And there is so much more to share:

what might possibly be my VERY BEST thrift store find

delectable lemon bars

an interesting question to ask all of you

fashion week


4th of July BBQ spreads

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