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Thursday, July 1, 2010

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...lets talk about Boobs. The silicone ones in particular.

Landon stopped nursing about three weeks ago. The hormones have balanced, the metabolism slowed, and the twins deflated.

I honestly didn't think it was possibly for these bee stings to get any smaller, but last week I seriously thought about hitting up the tween section at Kohls to look for some "support". And yesterday, while at my bridesmaid's dress fitting, RJ asked the alterations woman, "Do you think you can take even more out of the darts in the bust. It's still gaping a bit." "Honey," she answered, "I've taken all the material out that I can." Ouch.

So I've had dirty pillows on the brain. Not the Pamela Anderson kinda dirty, but the averaged sized yahoos. The kind that fill out a dress, fit into a swim suit, and create some womanly curves.

We change alter out bodies constantly: dye out hair, whiten our teeth, gain weight, lose weight, lift weights, fake nails, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, tattoos, permanent make-up, spanks, etc. However, If someone in the Christian circle was to get fake melons I can image the uproar. Shouldn't we be satisfied with the body God gave us?

However, if we all answer that question honestly would we do any of the things mentioned above? Where is that line in the sand?

Or is the outrage surrounding the cost. Fakies have gotten fairly inexpensive. About $5000 could buy you a decent pair of owl eyes. Now five thousand dollars is a handsome sum, but I know more than a handful of people that have spent that much upgrading their vehicle to include power locks, windows and that handy little dvd player in the backseat. Is a nice rack really more frivolous than road trip entertainment?

I am honestly divided on the issue. I have nothing against them, but do I really want to be on the plastic surgeons table when Christ returns? Although there is a good chance I'll be applying mascara that moment anyway.

So I ask you - what are your thoughts of fake breasts?


Rebecca said...

I think it's a really personal choice. Honestly, I used to think that I would consider it when I was done having/breastfeeding my children. After having a c-section with Nadia that I don't think was necessary I can't imagine signing up for an elective surgery. It's just not worth the risk to me (and therefore my family). I'll stick with these:

Jessica G. said...

I think it is a personal choice Anna. It also depends why you or anyone is doing it. If it is to make yourself feel better and please your husband, then go for it. If it is for other people to notice you, not cool! One of my best friends got a boob job after she had her last kid. Before children, she was a C cup, after breastfeeding, she wasn't even an A. I remember the phone call I got from her calling me crying from the dressing room at Victoria's Secret. She was devastated that she didn't have anything left. After surgery, her boobs look totally natural and she looks like she did before. And I also know that her husband likes them...was that too much information?!?

The Schmidts said...

I'm cool with it!

The Schmidts said...

I always joke around with my friends about what kind of plastic surgery we'd most want to get. I don't think it is unbiblical to have fake boobs. If you had the money and were done nursing and your husband was "cool with it" then I would say go for it! Let "them" talk! It is your body. -Rhiannon

The Schmidts said...

Oh but our family does read Harry Potter and Twiilght and we do dress up on Halloween, and I am going to send my kids to the evil public schools, so we may not be good judges. ;)

Lo Cicileo said...

I know someone that got them done pre-kids, and to make a long story short, she's going to have to get them re-done post-kids. She's currently nursing her second, but they were already needing a fix after #1. All that being said, I say go for it-- after you're done with allll possible kiddos. :)

Unknown said...

I think if you stood before the judgement seat of Christ and he asked how you spent the money he gave you, you wouldn't want to say- on these awesome fake boobies! (although I have been tempted myself!)

Holls said...

i've penned many a blog on the matter... published and un-published. man, i would LOVE fake boobs, but wrestle with the same dilemma. its crazy sad how they deflate into the abyss, and i know my husband would be on board-- but ya, i just don't know. its tough for sure.

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