Home Again

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The weekend away has a huge success! I had such a good time, the boys had a blast together, and while we were ready to be reunited by Monday everyone did fine during the separation.

Honestly I didn't miss my little man nearly as much as I thought I would! The freedom/lack of responsibility was so REFRESHING. Although when I heard about the sunset bike ride and seafood dinner the men treated themselves to on Sunday evening I was a bit jealous. Why do they save the housework/chores/leftovers for the days I am home!

But it's too nice outside to read a bunch so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

The beautiful BRIDE

You know it's a good party when there is streamer dancing


The boys, their dog, the beach
Running errands

Too much fun!

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Tim and Debra said...

Landon is looking noticeably older in these photos. So is the puppy. That means we need to get together soon to hang out! Glad you had a fun weekend with the girls. I could see how that would be refreshing.

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