Thursday, April 29, 2010


A One Act Play


Landon - age 1
Mama - age 27
Butter - a 3 month old puppy


A newly remodeled blue and white kitchen in Southern California.

Act 1, Scene 1

Mama is making lunch while Landon and Butter play on the floor. A newly purchased dog crate, feeding bowl, and water bowl sit a few feet off. Mama puts her head into the refrigerator to grab something and when she turns around:

Mama: Landon, please don't touch the dog bowls. You know better.

Landon removes his hands, smiles at Mama, and the mischievously grabs a huge handful of dog food and stuffs it in his mouth.

Mama: No Landon! That is a "no touch".

Mama sweeps all the dog food out of Landon's mouth, sits on the floor next to him and grabs his hands.

Mama: Son, if you touch the dog bowls again you will get a consequence. Now please don't touch. Lifting Landon and leading him to the other side of the kitchen. Why don't you play over here for awhile.

Mama goes back to making lunch and Landon scurries back to the dog food bowls. Glancing over his shoulder to see if Mama is watching his allows his hand to hover over the water and food bowls. This goes on for several minutes, hovering but never touching.

Mama decides it's safe to peek back into the refrigerator. But she wisely wonders what her toddler does when she isn't watching. So, unbeknownst to Landon, she peeks around the door to spy on him.

For awhile Landon is contented to let his hand hover over the water bowl. But, suddenly he has an inspirational thought. A sly smile spreads across his face.

Landon: thinking aloud: Mama took my hand and said "No Touch" but she never specified if I could touch with any of my other body parts.

With much gusto and enthusiasm Landon pulls himself up to standing, lifts his chubby little leg, and begins splashing merrily in the water bowl.

End Scene.

Scene 2: When Mama Turned Her Back While Loading
The Dishwasher


Linda Z said...

This must be a toddler thing! My kids used to do the exact same thing! So funny! :)

Matthew Roy said...

I still do that! If we had a dishwasher I would be in so much trouble from Jessica!

Dallas Amsden said...


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