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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Growing up in a small town in Northern California I didn't have many opportunities to spy celebrity figures. I think the closest I got to any type of famous individual was when Jerry Rice came to the Nevada County Fair and shook a bunch of us kids hands. My Dad thought Jerry Rice was a cool guy, so although I didn't know much about him myself I was still pretty star struck.

Since moving to Southern California I've come across a handful of celebrities.* While working in Montecito there was the occasional B or C lister down at the local eatery. I remember seeing the mom from Growing Pains and Billy Baldwin. Work allowed me to meet Cheryl Ladd and visit her home (although I must admit I had no idea who she was before this project.) And thanks to our sponsorship with the Santa Barbara Film Festival there were tickets to a wide variety of star-studded events: Kate Winslet, Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin, Casey Afflec, Ellen Page, James McAvoy (one of my faves!), Marion Cotillard, and lets not forget my unexpected, over-the-top reaction to Angelina Jole and Brad Pitt.

RJ's seen nearly the entire cast of Grey's Anatomy at the airport. My sister and I shared a plan with Vince Vaughn on our way home from Las Vegas. And apparently, while hiking last week with friends, we past some American Idol favorite named Elliot something-or-other.

All this to say, I've now seen a few celebs. And, while I absolutely know that they are regular people who get paid way too much money to do something that only a handful of them are actually good at, I still get star-struck each and every time. It's ridiculous. I blame my small town country roots.

Just today, while watching a show on a ReMax commercial popped-up "starring" our soon-to-be-really-famous friend Dallas.** I nearly died of excitement. It's true I had already watched the commercial on YouTube but seeing it "live" was so exciting. I wanted to shout and jump up and down, but I didn't b/c I would have woken the baby, so I shared my enthusiasm quietly with the dog. Simple girl. Simply star-struck: ReMax commercial and all.

Have you even been star-stuck?

*I have never actually "found" a celebrity on my own. I'm actually sure I've brushed by many more but I am not observant enough to notice. They are always pointed out to me.

**Dallas' wife Meg is going to be really famous one day too. Hopefully she won't be too embarrassed to get me an autograph from Meyrl Streep when they're out lunching together.

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Dallas Amsden said...

Sometimes I'm star struck when I pass a mirror. Ha!
You embarrass me, Anna. Glad you saw the commercial in "real time"... wish I had been paid more for it! Love you guys!

Two Cent Sparrow.
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