Monday, March 1, 2010

One of my favorite rainy day activities is baking. I've actually found it to be a fantastic creative outlet. It was wet and soggy outside all day Saturday, so while RJ took Landon hardware store shopping I decided to tackle the challenge of a Martha Stewart recipe. 

Inspired and encouraged by my friend Melinda's success (her cupcakes turned out AMAZING) I ventured into previously uncharted territory. Normally I avoid all things Martha. Her stuff is too complicated and I never achieve anything that even resembles the picture. Typically I just end up wasting my time, $30 worth of fancy ingredient, and half a dozen eggs in the process. But, these Chocolate Graham Cracker Cupcakes with Toastetd Marshmallow looked worth it. 

And they really were!

Although the process was somewhat labor intensive they turned out wonderfully. And they tasted even better than the looked! 


And thanks to my wonderfully creative husband for the finishing touches. We don't have a kitchen torch so he used the flame from our camping stove to finish off the burnt marshmallow frosting. 


Also, on a completely unrelated note, did you know I have another blog? I started it in December and I've only done one post but I am ready to start putting more effort into it. You can find Grand Taste Slim Wallet here. And the name really says it all. As a single income family in Southern California things can be tough. And to be honest, RJ and I have fine taste. We love organic, local foods, anthropologie, eating out, clothing options, Restoration Hardware and more. Basically this new blog is my attempt to share how to do more with less. And how to navigate the world of stuff, appreciate the finer things in life, but still have a heart for giving. 


Bethany said...

baking - love it, any day rainy or not! i have had this recipe in my recipe box for about a year now and have yet to make it. i think i will soon! i also get Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine and it is good! not a big fan usually either, but it has really good recipes. some are on my blog!

Linda Z said...

My boys would go nuts over those! And my husband would go nuts over the fact that you torched it!!:) Yummy... I can almost taste it through cyberspace! :)

One day at at time... said...

these turned out so beautiful!!! jordan pulled out his man-torch for ours as well. love the creativity of our guys.

i'm making them again for hunter's birthday party this weekend- but am thinking i need a piping set! they look so beautiful piped out of something other than a gallon zip-lock with the tip cut :)

ummmm did i mention that i love your blog!? love it! your sweet landon is dang adorable.

Dallas said...


Jess Roy said...

These look killer...Baking can be such a comfort - measure things out, follow the recipe, and you're treated with a lovely result. Sometimes in this hectic world perfect cupcakes can just make your day. :)

Sidenote: It's been raining like crazy up here too - I think it's about time for Noah to build his arky arky!

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