Pretty Fly For A White Boy

Friday, February 26, 2010

I am so thankful for all the old grannies who approach me in the grocery store to coo over my baby. Because, for every sweet doting grandma there is someone else who takes one look at him and proclaims: "Oh my! He's so white!"

Yes. I know my son is the color of white rice. He's so fair he nearly glows. (He's a little glowing angel, I always tell RJ). And, honestly, I am a bit sensitive to the "white-boy" comments because I have a feeling as he grows older being nearly transparent isn't going to be his favorite physical feature. 

Now, I don't wish physical perfection for my son. I believe it actually serves a person better to be just "regular": Not incredibly beautiful but not totally unattractive. Learning to accept and appreciate your "lesser" physical qualities is a sign of maturity and emotional growth. (Of course, tell me that about the size of my nose in 7th grade and I would have rolled my eyes at you.) 

But, what I don't understand is why complete strangers feel the need to point out my son's pale skin. It's not like I go around telling people:

Your baby is SO fat!

Your little girl really looks like a boy!

Oh my goodness,  I sure how he grows into those enormous ears!

If you don't know me and you want to make comments about my child you better be pointing out his adorable dimples or big beautiful blue eyes. Mama Bear is on the prowl!


Jessica G. said...

Tell Landon Ian feels for him! And, I think he is adorable...those eyes got me!

Lo Cicileo said...

If I had a penny for every time someone commented about my pale-ness, I would be a millionaire... maybe even a billionaire. Hang in there little man... you'll look 20 years younger than all those wrinkly old tan people with leather skin when you're 50-60... that's what I'm holdin out for anyway. "Why are you so pale?" "Why are YOU so leathery?"

Landon is adorable. period.

Dallas said...

My nephew actually is see-through. Seriously, half the time we can't even find him!
It's like he doesn't have a head in his clothes, he's so transparent. All we see, at times, is these toddler clothes just moving through the house without a head. It's like this freaky Ichabod Crane thing.

Anywho, you've got a very handsome little man there... Meg and I were in the car this morning, and we were actually talking about Landon. Don't worry, Mama Bear, it was all compliments.

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