Change Of Scenery

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Landon was acting uncharacteristically cranky the other day 
so we headed to the park for a change of perspective.
A few pushes on the swing and a trip down the slide and all was good in his world again. 

Sometimes I feel the same way.
Just a change of scenery can instantly correct my bad mood.

I think thats why so many people take vacations in The Great Outdoors.
Surrounded by nature we tend to forget the problems or the monotony of home.
And, while most of the population doesn't realize it
we meet God in nature. That good feeling you get when surrounded
by new snow, or crashing waves, palm trees or majestic mountains - thats God.

I feel so blessed to live near the ocean.
I can't take a walk on the beach without feeling refreshed.

I also love a good bookstore and a coffee shop.
I think God may dwell in printed paper and coffee beans too.

Where do you go to get refreshed?


Linda Z said...

I like the outdoors, the library, Andreini's, and just being by myself sometimes! :)

Jess Roy said...
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Jess Roy said...

A roadtrip to Ventura always seems to help... :)

Sometimes I take a different way home, peruse my favorite bookstore, or stroll through whole foods. You're right - sometimes just mixing it up can offer a fresh new perspective.

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