Saturday, February 20, 2010

The other day my mom and i were laughing over the many nicknames we have for Landon:
Chunky Monkey
The Chunkster
Big L
Little Prince
Peanut Butter (peanut just wasn't enough oomph) 

When I was a baby they called me Pumpkin Butt.
It's a wonder I don't have a complex about my rear.

R.J. went by "Little Dick."
(R.J. stands for Richard Jr. and his Dad was Richard Sr.
His parents aren't just cruel.) 

What were/are your nicknames?
Or what do you call your kids?


Linda Z said...

Ok, I snickered... poor RJ! :P

We call Jason J-bear... it's actually used more than his name! He's just such a teddy bear! :)

Jessica G. said...

Connor goes by bugs (like Landon!), Mr. C and C-Man. My dad calls me punkie and whenever people hear him call me that, they always think it is funny.

The Schmidts said...

Nayeli is Poopis and Eliora is Peepis. I don't know what #3 will be! -Rhiannon

Anonymous said...

The chunkster has entered the dirt exploration/eating stage. Lets hope his appetite does't include eating snails like yours did.

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