10 Months

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's hard to believe that our little guy is 10 months old. I can see him morphing from a baby into a toddler before my eyes. Like everyone says, time has gone by incredibly fast, yet it seems like ages ago that he was a newborn baby. Now he is a little person with his own opinions and desires.

These last few weeks have been some of our most challenging and some of our most fun. I love that Landon is a little chatter box. If you hand him a book he starts turning the pages and speaking in an alien language. It's brilliant. However, he also has realized that if he lets out an ear piercing scream (it's worse than a gaggle of excited fifteen year old girls) someone will give him what he wants. And if you tell me to ignore it I am going to insist you come over hear and listen to this sound. It's like trying to ignore the 100th verse of "This Is The Song That Never Ends..." - infinitely annoying.  We're working hard to our language development and baby signs to hopefully lessen the duration of the screaming period. It's the worst in the car.

He also knows what he likes. His favorite animals are birds and dogs. He loves going on a morning walk with his Dad and pointing out all the birds. He just has his consonants a bit confused and refers to all birds as "DA". 

And he's a rock star. Landon LOVES music. Even the chiming of a cell phone will get him dancin'. He's got a plethora of moves and will bust them all out in sequence to a good trance beat. But I make RJ limit the dance music - I don't want Landon to be subconsciously drawn to raves.

Thankfully (at this point) Landon's a good eater. He prefers to feed himself and his favorite food in the whole world is strawberries. He also really likes hummus and pita, soy hot dogs, blueberry bars, and yogurt. He could pass on the vegetables. 

His favorite toys include "lift and look" foam books, his walker, anything that makes music, and stackable rings. The world is his oyster as he crawls and explores everything. And, with a bit of practice he's slowly learning what is off limits and what is okay to touch. He loves pulling his socks off at nap time and occasionally decides to shed his pants as well. I am praying he never figures out how to remove his diaper and play in his own poop. I never could understand why people wanted to get video baby monitors - I get it now. 

RJ and I are seriously in love with him. Every night before we go to bed we tiptoe into his room just to get one more look. We both agree that our favorites times of the day are when he goes to bed and then when he wakes up again.


Tracy said...

He sounds like such a great baby! I know what you are talking about with the scream that you cannot ignore. One of my closest friends has a little boy that does it ALL the time, and it drives her crazy, and me. Though I'm not around enough to be annoyed by it, I usually laugh. But every time I call her on the phone he is screaming that high pitched scream in the background and I can barely hear her talking. When we get together he is constantly doing it. He is about 14 months old now, and they have been patiently working with him on it for about 6 months or more. They try to get him to tell them what it is he wants with the baby signs and whatever. I am grateful my girls didn't do that! Good luck!

Tim and Debra said...

We miss the little guy (and you guys of course) He is growing up so fast!

Jessica G. said...

Ok, I seriously agree with you and RJ on your favorite time of the day. Obviously it is nice when Connor goes to sleep...plus he looks to adorable when he is sleeping, but then I start missing him and want him to wake up again! Can't wait to meet Landon!

Linda Z said...

Such cute musings on your life with your little guy! Jason still screeches and he's 4... but at least it isn't high pitched screaming anymore!

I really liked your last post, too! Wise, godly counsel is such a thing to be treasured! :)

Anonymous said...
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