On The Mend

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thanks to all our amazing family and friends, our 
church family, and our Home Group. The love,
support, and prayers have meant so much to us.
We love you! 


Jess Roy said...

Okay, I'm still in shock about the teeth! It makes me realize we haven't seen him in so long...Glad to hear he's doing well. Those pictures are adorable - such personality!

Dallas said...

So... Meg and I are looking at these pics and thinking two things: 1) "Wow, he's adorable!" and 2) "Why the heck couldn't we spend the day with them? He looks like he feels fine!"

Dallas said...

Ummmm...so, Meg thought I should let you know that I was only kidding with that last comment. She said, "you should apologize and tell Anna you were kidding because she may have thought you were being serious."
So, in the interest of Meg not making an appointment with the marital counseling lady, I am letting you know that I was just playing with you on that last comment. LOL!
The Amsdens love the Hoskings!

Anonymous said...

we love little landan and are so glad he's back to his happy self! love you guys! xo...the currans

Anonymous said...

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