Friday, March 12, 2010

Before Landon was born, when he was just a hyper-active soccer player in my belly, I worried about my "mother's intuition." Would I have mother's intuition? Would I know what to do in an emergency? Or would I be that one mother who never got a "feeling in her gut"? 

I am not the most detailed individual. I usually forget to wear jewelry, I probably won't notice that you got your hair cut, and I am forever missing the smudgy spots on the mirror. So, for the last few months I have been honestly concerned that I might not have Mother's Intuition. I still can't tell Landon's cries apart - I usually only know what he wants/needs because of our schedule not because I can hear the difference in the pitch of his scream. For example, the other evening he cried for twenty minutes when I put him down for bed. I figured he was just overly tired and needed to cry it out. Turns out he was incredibly thirsty. Poor kid. What kind of intuition is that?! 

But yesterday, God showed me that I may have Mom Guts after all. Wednesday afternoon I brought Landon into the pediatricians office at the last moment. He had a bit of a cold and it seemed to be settling in his chest so I wanted them to check out his lungs. The doctor took a listen and told me Landon probably had the RSV virus. I needed to humidify his room, increase liquids and just keep an eye on him. Things were find for nearly twenty-four hours. But after his second nap yesterday he seemed "off."  He sounded wheezy, his chest was rising and falling rapidly and dramatically, and he was using his stomach muscles to breath...

Before I continue you need a bit of background. Both RJ and I have asthma. RJ suffered terribly as a youngster. Obviously we are concerned for Landon and always looking for asthma to creep up in him. Couple this concern with the fact that I've been certain I wouldn't be able to tell when something was truly wrong and I've brought our kiddo into the peds office one too many times. At once point the doctor told that laughing children aren't suffering children and leave the poor boy at home! 

Now I was at a crosswords: wait it out at home or call the pediatricians office once more (it was 4:59pm and I had a one minute window to decide)? I called the pediatrician. Describing the symptoms I felt more certain that ever that I was doing the right thing. Sure enough our doctor told me to take him to the ER because he would probably need a breathing treatment.  RJ hates going to the ER but I held to my guns and insisted that we go. Of course, once in the car, Landon started sounding a bit better, but that little voice inside told me to stick to the plan. 

Turns out our little guy has a mild case of pneumonia. The ER was the right call for the situation and with some antibiotics and asthma meds he will be fine.  And I've got myself a diagnosis as well: Mother's Intuition.  Incurable but happily endured. 


Jess Roy said...

THANK GOD! Anna you are such an insightful mother, and Landon is so blessed to have you. We were praying all night - and recruited everyone we knew to do the same!

Tim and Debra said...

You are a great mom! You'll have to teach me a thing or two some day.

Linda Z said...

Good job, girl!! It seems like God lets us learn as we go on the little things, but on the big things, He gives that extra sense or something! We know our kids better than anyone else. I hope Landon is feeling better soon, and that you have an extra measure of God's strength to get through the next few days!

Jenn said...

Man, so scary. London has had pneumonia three times now. Next time (hopefully there won't be one, but once they have it, they usually get it again) you will recognize it right away. You might even ask for a nebulizer so that you can get him started on breathing treatments next time.

Just something I've learned...:) Good job mommy.


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