The Left Side

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time comes from Father of the Bride II (no need to comment on my sophisticated film selections).

Nina and George Banks have just discovered that they are expecting baby #3 - a complete shock as their other two children are older (one pregnant herself) and retirement is on the horizon. Driving home from the doctors office each of them is silently pondering the life changing news. Nina, in the passengers seat with a content smile on her face, is gazing dreamily out the window. From her vantage point (the right side of the car) she sees a mother skipping down the street with her sweet daughter - smiling, laughing, joy abounding.

George, on the other hand, is glancing along the left side of the street with a scowl on his face (George is not handing the news as well as Nina). On George's side of the street is a young boy and his father - spilled ice cream, a temper tantrum, screaming, yelling, mayhem and tears.

It's the most hysterical scene in the entire movie. And how much is life like that? Sometimes we only see one side of the street.

I particularly think this is true of the blog world. Now there are many bloggers out there who share truth and reality, but I've found that the majority of blogs are used to showcase the highlights of our lives. In all honestly , its alot more fun to write about (and more enjoyable to read) the best of ourselves. However, sometimes truth is necessary.

So, for all of you out there dreaming about the peaches-and-cream of parenthood let me introduce you to a two part mini-series: The Left Side Of The Street.

Part 1.
Which I like to call:

An idyllic bike ride on a sunny Southern California day.

And Part 2.

Don't even try to hand me my blankie b/c there is no way in hell I'm taking a nap!


Tracy said...

That is a great movie, and I love that you aren't afraid to show us your "left side." I think it is actually the left side that we are going to look back on and laugh the hardest, and the right side we will look back on with fondness and teary-eyed memories.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. I can so relate with you and april. mom

Linda Z said...

As Alexander's mom would say... "Some days are like that... even in Australia!"

We all have those "left side" days, and I love that movie!! :) I feel like we have to accept those days as part of the process and move on! Otherwise, we just become "glass half full" moms who can hardly make it through the day. And we miss out on the "right side" experiences! :)

Jess Roy said...

Oh my goodness - look at those TEETH!

You guys are great - keep sharing!

SomisSurferGirl said...


Sara LOL said...

Wow, that is sooooooo funny!!!

charissa said...

you're rad. your blog is rad. your a blogging genius.

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