Thursday, March 4, 2010

I can image that if I was a single 27 year old the highlights in my day might include:
a promotion at work
a new dress from anthropologie
meeting friends for drinks at a swanky bar

But, I'm not.
And the highlights in my day yesterday included:
my husband coming home for a surprise lunch-time visit
and Landon eating BOTH broccoli and chard for dinner

Maybe tonight I'll wear my (one) athropologie dress 
and sip martinis with my husband
while shoving broccoli florets down my sons face. 

 then i really would have the best of both worlds.


Jess Roy said...

What are anthro dresses when you have a veggie-adoring son and spontaneous loving husband? :)

Linda Z said...

You are so funny! :) You have one more Anthropologie dress than I have! :)

Unknown said...

This blog made my day! So poignant and so funny- because it's TRUE! You rock my world Anna...can't wait to shove broccoli down my own son's face!

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